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P.O. Box 86009, Rolleston West, Canterbury, NZ 7658

About Flight GSE Limited

Flight GSE Ltd is a boutique manufacturer of quality GSE products, based at Rolleston in the South Island of New Zealand. We embody the typically Kiwi attitude that we can do anything if we think about it – the “Number 8 Wire” spirit.

Aviation is an area where we have a passion. Ground Services Equipment needs to be designed and built right. We’re pleased to be able to leverage our design and engineering skills to come up with quality, Kiwi made solutions that provide excellent GSE. Our company philosophy is to design and manufacture products at least as good, if not better, as those available elsewhere, at a price we believe is competitive, with inbuilt design advantages and quality throughout the whole build process.

Our goal is client satisfaction, achieved by supplying a quality product at fair prices with awesome service! With 25 years of business experience we’ve had many challenging and interesting projects over the years, and have developed some excellent, creative solutions.

We have a reputation for quality and innovation that we are proud of, for clients within New Zealand, in Australia, the South Pacific, even in Antarctica.


We’re a small firm intent on building “Products of Global Significance”. That’s not meant to sound vain; rather we believe that because we are small and nimble, it helps us think outside the square. The staff we have are multi-talented – in design, fabrication and engineering, and being small we don’t think in silos – we aren’t that big – so the innovation keeps flowing.


With the years spent in the industry, it’s only natural we’ve picked up a few contacts. One of our Directors spent the years 1997 – 2013 serving on the Council of the Aviation Industry Association of New Zealand, as Deputy Chairman, then Chairman of the Supply & Services Division. The company are also active members of both the Association of South Pacific Airlines and the NZ Airports Association. Meeting the airline CEOs get us out on the ramp and into the hangars, so we can meet the staff and see for ourselves issues and problems that we can then seek solutions for. Building that trust is important to us and is the cement that drives our repeat business.


We morphed into designing and building GSE after decades in the signage industry where we specialised in building aviation specific signage packages for airlines, airports and the supporting companies in the aviation industry… The years spent in this environment means we maintain that clear understanding of the need for safety and efficiency on the ramp – things that innovation and clever design help maintain.


We understand that by using state of the art gear, we can leverage the skills of our staff even further. Our plant includes a CNC Guillotine, CNC Folder and a CNC Plasma Cutter with a 3m x 1.5m bed. This gears allows us to build more “In-House” speeding up production times while managing costs. Leverage goes further than that though – our knowledge of the very clever firms working within the New Zealand economy allows us to partner with the quality staff at firms such as Fieldair Engineering Ltd, who are one of the country’s leading MROs, and E&I Engineering Ltd with their wealth of sheet metal and laser fabrication knowledge.