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Flight GSE proudly operates a Triple Bottom Line. We see this as a critical element in how we judge our success. Sure we have to make a profit to stay sustainable, but we feel that we don’t deserve to even be in business if we are not prepared to help care for our society or look after our environment


“We’re not in the Robbery Business” – work with us long enough and you are bound to hear that. To remain in business we know we have to make a profit, but we figure we do better if we put looking after our customers first. There is so much to the old adage that repeat business is the more valuable business, and we strive to create repeat customers by looking after those we have, to the best of our ability. While we strive for a fair price, we do so while aiming to provide the best quality products and designs that we can, knowing we will do better long term by this ethos


We’d be a poor business model if all we cared about was profit. We firmly believe that business should work for the good of all, and that through our business success we should help look after those social causes that have meaning to us. That’s why, as Members of the Association of South Pacific Airlines, for the past four years we have donated items of GSE for their Conference Charity Auctions. Proceeds from these go towards assisting worthy causes in the South Pacific such as hospitals and women’s refuges.

Closer to home we actively support the work of the Garden City Rescue Helicopter in a most practical fashion. The LPV Baggage Trolley we donated holds all of the gear they might need on a mission and speeds up loading of the helicopter when an emergency arises by as much as two minutes. In that “Golden Hour” after an accident, we just know that’s going to mount up in lives saved by their awesome service.


We believe that around 95% of the material that goes into our GSE is ultimately recyclable; that is after many, many years of service. But that’s not the only way we help the environment. We recycle or repurpose offcuts of the materials we use – for instance offcuts of the vinyl we use for branding are gifted to local schools where they are reused as an art resource.

With the schools we get two “Bites of the Cherry” so to speak – alongside companion company Independent Signs Ltd, we are instigators and sponsors of the “Fruit Trees for Schools” scheme in the Selwyn District, a five year programme that sees us, in partnership with a number of local businesses each sponsoring a fruit tree per year into the district wide primary schools. While the fruit will stock up the parents pantries and feed peckish students, the trees will be around for decades, sequestering carbon and helping combat global warming, even if in just a small way.