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Wheel dollies

Our Wheel Dollies are designed to protect the investment in your wheel stock while making handling a breeze and life safer for your ramp and engineering staff.

The very neat GSE Trailer was designed on request for an airline client and fill an important haulage role for their hangar team.

Key features: Wheel Dolly

Robust aluminium frame with strong steel forklift boots

Reinforced, heavy duty steel wheel tray and simple Wheel Keeper device

Powder Coated Finish of your choice

Weight capacity to 350kgs yet an easy one person push

3 cage sizes – Turboprop, A320 / B737 and A330 / B777

Tie downs personalised with airline name

Conceived, designed and proudly manufactured in New Zealand

Key features: GST Trailer

Robust galvanised steel frame with aluminium treadplate cladding

Side Access and Load Nitrogen Bottle  storage

Long tailgate for easy loading

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