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Airfield Markers

In 2016 Flight GSE Ltd started on a project to develop  low cost, long life Airfield markers, specifically for use in the South Pacific.

Our belief was that, where markers exist, there is often a substantial and on-going cost of maintenance. We noted in NZ that they are often made from plywood, and need regular painting to keep them in good condition, and effective in their role.

To reduce cost and maintenance issues we looked to Rotationally Mould our new range of markers in PVC. Ours are an equilateral triangle in profile, are frangible by design and have 450mm faces. Being more upright than traditional markers they are more visible to aircraft when in use. They come in a standard 2400mm length and a number of advantages:

  • Life expectancy of 20 years or more.
  • Permanent colours – Red, White, Yellow, (with Road Cone Orange on request) are our standard colours.
  • Maintenance free (giving on-going cost savings).
  • Be virtually indestructible.
  • Low weight for freight – 3 of these weighed just 47kgs.
  • Ability to be weighted down in use – filler caps at opposite ends and at different apexes allow the marker to be ballasted with fresh or salt water, or sand as a weight –no need for Pegs that may create FOD, but if you wish for Tie Downs and Pegs are available as optional extras.
  • Low cost.
  • Ability to  be used as a Water Container in case of a cyclone, if you were really desperate.
  • Low 400mm height is use – especially important for light aircraft wing clearance.
  • Have potential for use as a traffic barrier to stop unauthorised vehicles entering the operational area – useful for outer island fields.

Most importantly though, to ensure compliance with ICAO standards, we approached the NZCAA. As a result, ours have been Wind Speed Tested by the Test Laboratories of Opus International Research. Accordingly they have been found to meet with NZCAA Part 139 rules, and NZCAA have approved the use of these markers for free standing use when water ballasted per our recommendation.

NZ CAA have confirmed “The CAA Advisory Circular 139-6 will be amended by the end of May 2016 to facilitate the use of free standing (non-secured) Markers”.

The test results came in as follows:

The total water capacity of each marker is 243 litres. Filled to that level they would not remain frangible. Our recommendation to comply with Part 139 will be a water ballast of 100 – 120 litres depending on local wind speeds.

In standard form these come without lettering. That said, Christchurch International Airport recently took delivery of 17 markers for use on the Aero Club Grass Training Strips and Taxiways. These have been lettered to form low cost MAG signs, by using an under-layer of High Aggression Adhesive Vinyl and a top layer of Engineering Grade Reflective vinyl film. Photo below shows the old style markers alongside our new ones.