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Design work

Initial design work is performed using our Signlab system. While this is a graphic design system used primarily to design, cut and print graphics for our associate company, Independent Signs Ltd, the system is extremely accurate for 2D rendering work.

Not only have we been able to use our Signlab Programmes to design branding, we also do all primary design work for our GSE products on Signlab, and even used it to design both our house and our factory premises.

With tolerances to a tenth of a degree and a suite of cut, paste and weld tools and a full range of geometric shapes, plus the ability to design in solid colour or wire frame this is a valuable system for us. Further the Signlab system is also used to design components. These can be sent out as .dxf files for laser cutting or cut in house on our own 3m x 1.5m CNC plasma table

Once a design has been settled on, 2D, 3D and engineering drawings, and structural strength testing through FEA can be done using our IronCad software package. For this we use a talented contract Mechanical Engineering Draftsman.

We use a firm of very talented firm of Consulting Engineers for the next stage of our design process, to check, draw up and certify items such as critical components and access platforms.