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Belt loader

In 2015 Flight GSE Ltd was asked to design and build our first Belt Loader for service in the South Pacific.

Given the isolated location, and not being content to merely follow what other manufacturers do meant we had to think outside the square in order to create a long-life, value based, low maintenance and highly effective piece of equipment to give real value to our clients operation.

Key Features:

Box Section Hot Dip Galvanised Steel Chassis.

Boom painted in two pack paint over zinc rich primer.

Sized to fit inside a 20ft shipping container to reduce freight costs.

T316 Stainless Steel Fasteners throughout.

Powder coated towbar activating heavy duty spring and cam braking system.

Floating front axle.

Low profile industrial tyres one spoked galvanised steel rims.

Quality Kiwi-made hydraulics package.

12hp, 2 cylinder water cooled, electric start Diesel Engine.

3 ply, Heavy duty Belt running on Kiwi-made rollers.

400mm extension tongue to fit inside aircraft hold.

Two hydraulic engines and gear boxes (as the belt is reversible we were told it should have engines driving from top and bottom to enhance tracking accuracy).

Twin 77 litre Hydraulic and Diesel Fuel Tanks.

Aluminium Baggage Fall Guards both sided.

Design maximum reach height for holds up to 2.8m.

She came out looking great, and by all accounts is performing exactly as expected. A great effort for our first attempt.

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