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Product lines

Key products include:

  • Airline Baggage Trolleys.
  • Aircraft Maintenance and Access Stands.
  • Passenger Air Stairs.
  • Potable Water Carts.
  • Lavatory Service Carts.
  • Part 139 compliant Airfield Markers.
  • Terminal Wayfinding Signage.
  • Belt Loaders.
  • Hangar Workbenches and Furniture.

Access and maintenance platforms

Flight GSE Ltd design and build Access Stands and Maintenance Platforms for both Civil and Military Operators.

Passenger baggage gauge

A simple dimensional check for passenger carry-on baggage should be in use at all gates. Flight GSE Ltd have options to suit all airlines.

LPV Baggage Trolleys

LPV stands for Low Passenger Volume. These are a robust, hand-towable Baggage Cart designed to cater for smaller airlines, business jet and helicopter operators. They must work well – we’ve got over 150 in service throughout Australia and the Pacific.

Standard Baggage Trolleys

2400mm x 120mm deck Baggage trolleys are the workhorse of the ramp. Flight GSE Ltd have refined the basic trolley and packed it with design features aimed to give a long and trouble free life.

Wheel dollies

Our Wheel Dollies are designed to protect the investment in your wheel stock while making handling a breeze and life safer for your ramp and engineering staff.

Terminal Services Trolleys

A simple castored trolley for use inside terminal buildings, these are simply indispensable with heaps of uses as Stores Trolleys and General Purpose carts.

Potable Water Carts

We have Potable Water Carts in service with a number of Australasian/Pacific Islands Operators, in sizes from 200 litres up to 1200 litres.


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